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Conference Grants

Nominations for conference attendance grants are open!

Front-Line Support Staff Grant

Thanks to a generous donation, we are pleased to offer up to three conference registration waivers to 'front-line staff' to attend the 2022 MAIE Annual Conference.  Please send your nomination using the link below, and be sure to include the name, title, institution, and email address for both the nominee and nominator.  

Student Grant

This grant is for students who are currently working or volunteering with an international office and are interested in a career in international education. MAIE will waive conference registration if a student is awarded a grant. 

First Time Presenter Grant

This grant is open to any first-time presenters at MAIE, whether or not this is their first time attending the MAIE conference. MAIE will waive the conference registration if a presenter is awarded this grant. 

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